Friday, August 15, 2008

LLL Theme of the Week: Exercise

I'm really not available much these days, but I wanted to at least put a few ideas down (without photos) on this week's LLL theme: Exercise.

Something I'd like to do is make an exercise calendar or maybe weekly schedule is a better name for it. First you make some cards with cut-outs from magazines or drawings that portray different exercise ideas. Then at the beginning of each week let your children pull them out randomly for the week. They participated in the planning, and can anticipate what activities are expected each day. You can have a week full of activities already decided upon that you can plan for in advance.

Here are a few exercise ideas I came up with. It probably works better to have lots of choices, so be detailed when possible. Also, make duplicates of the favorite activities.

Go for a walk (to the park, to the store, in the neighborhood, at the beach, etc.)
Play in the park (soccer, baseball, choose specific parks, etc.)
Bike ride (again, to a certain destination, or at a specific location)
Dance (when my son was 2-3 yrs I would let him jump on the bed while I danced to Wiggles)
Yard/ Housework (don't tell me you aren't sore after spending the day deep cleaning)
Yoga for Kids (I haven't done this, but I'd LOVE to get a DVD or something and try it...any suggestions?)
Pillow Punching (see here)
Obstacle Course (who doesn't love one of those)
Follow the Leader (make a line using tape and add stations for certain activities like jumping jacks, etc.)
Indoor Wrestling (see here)