Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bubble B Quiz

No pictures for this one, I was too busy in the activity aspect this time. A is really into blowing bubbles now, and I say great! Heres why:
1. he gets out so many of those unending toddler wiggles while he chases around the balcony or the driveway catching bubbles.
2. The kinesthetic activity turns on his imagination: he loves to pretend he is a predator owl swooping down to catch his prey (yeah, those are all HIS words picked up from past learning times and wonderful books). Oh sometimes he's a crocodile catching the rabbits and mice.
3. He doesn't get frustrated at this activity, ever. It could go on for hours if I let it.

Today we started the letter B. I pointed out the Bubbles had two b sounds in it. I decided to take a chance and try making this an educationally challenging moment at the risk that he might just get mad at the whole experience. It turned out fantastic, so we might just pull it out again sooner than later.

Before I could blow bubbles he had to give me a B word--they all wound up beginning with b sounds, but I would have taken a middle or end B if he had suggested it. I gave hints for words, but I could tell by his responses that he was definitely thinking in terms of the B sound. He would give words that I wasn't even thinking of! We came up with a lengthy list of words which in turn gave me several ideas for other activities and conversations this week. It was a hit!

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