Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Candy Garlands, Pipe Cleaner Wreathes, and More Cards

Getting ready to make the candy garland. Hope we have enough candies to make a long one.
Towards the end A helped by flying his plane over to the pile, selecting the next candy, and then dropping it off to me. This plane is one of his many creations. He'll find random objects and them obsess over creating something (usually a plane). The problem is he gets so frustrated when it doesn't work exactly how he sees it in his mind. Funny thing is, he has 8 perfectly good airplanes and 3 more helicopters in his toy box! The inventing/creating gene has definitely passed from father to son.
Here's the finished garland. There was absolutely no pretending that it was a giant snake. Nope, none of that. :-)

I stumbled on another craft somewhere in my surfing of the past week that I thought A could handle. Once again I overestimated his attention and ability, but we saw it through to the end anyway. It's a mini wreath made by wrapping pipe cleaners around a cardboard circle. Yeah, hideous, but a good activity to pass the time together. These were taken at the half-way point when A's attention was on it's last leg. The faces were all his idea.

Here's the lovely end product. I keep reminding myself that I have to hang it on the tree.
Another batch of cards made today. I was surprised at the interest and ability A had for this one. He did his own cutting and gluing (with my direction). During the crafting he told me these remind him of a jack-in-the-box. Clever little mind.

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