Thursday, May 29, 2008

Color and I Spy Books

Here are a couple mini books I've made during the past few weeks. As usual, nothing fancy. But A always enjoys a little surprise.

For both books I used the hot dog booklet pattern at Making Books with Children:

My Rainbow of Colors
Using markers we colored A's index finger with ink. He stamped the same color as many times as he wanted all over a page. Each page had a different color. Then I went back and drew in some simple (very simple!) faces and scenery for the characters and added the color word.

I Spy the Alphabet!
I saw an idea on Crafty Crow for a personalized I Spy book. It was taken from this post on marytree where they took photos of toys, then cut and pasted them into a book. I simplified it a bit and cut letters out of an old catalog, then glued them onto the pages and made a list of what letters needed to be found. I'm going to make a few more I Spy books with different and increasingly more difficult themes, but I need to get some doubles of catalogs /wrappers /magazines first. This is also the kind of book that A can help make by cutting and gluing the pictures if we needed an activity.


Carrie said...

I'm going to have to make that first book with my 5 and 4 year old. It reminds me of Ed Emberley. Was it inspired by his work? He has some really neat books with characters to make from fingerprints.

Deneal said...

So glad you are going to try out this book with your little ones. It was definitely inspired by his work, shame on me for not giving him credit. In my defense I've never actually looked at his books, just seen them pictured online. I do look forward to checking some out from the library once we get back to the states though!