Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Suva Zoo

We decided Suva needed a Zoo. So we made one! It was a great two-day activity that kept A busy...and me too.

Here is the planning and painting stages. We used a cardboard box that had been cut down one of the corners and flattened. Then we gathered up all the random boxes and cartons I had been saving from an early garbage death and glued them down according to our mental blueprints.

And here we have the finished project.

Mr. A has so many plastic animals of varying sizes and colors that we were at no loss for filling up the cages with wild critters. It was fun to move them around and play zoo keeper, but not fun enough. The activity was abandoned quicker than I hoped, but I count the creation process as the real success.

(oh-we actually did this a few months ago, but never posted it...too busy playing.)


Carrie said...

I love this. SO fun and cute. Did you ever pull it out and play zoo again?

Deneal said...

I wish A had wanted to play with it over and over, but really he only came back to it a few times. The real joy came from the creation expereince on this one.

Isabel's Mommy said...

How creative! I love it! I am definitly bookmarking your blog. You have so many great ideas for us to look forward to as Isabel gets older.