Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crayon Rock Art

I know this isn't a new one, but maybe it's been a while for some of you. We had a wonderful time making these colorful art pieces.

***CAUTION: watch out that little (and big) fingers do not get burned on the oven, hot rocks or melted wax during the project! Constant parental supervision on this one.***

What you need: crayons (our Crayola and RoseArt crayons produced much more vivid colors than the no-name brand), rocks, foil, hot pads, and access to an oven.
  • First collect some rocks, we preferred the larger ones.
  • Wash, dry, and place in an oven for about ten minutes or until hot.
  • Place the rock on a sheet of foil (with a hot pad or towel under the foil) and decorate with your crayons. The hotter the rock, the more runny the wax will be.
As you can see, there was some serious concentration going on here.
The final photos didn't come out too well, but trust me they are better in person--very bright and cheerful.


mommomto2pumpkins said...

those are soo cool! i read somewhere where you can also just set them outside in thehot sun for awhile too! and color them outside if you don't have a hot pad.

this is going on my list of things to do with the girls! this is perfect since my has started a rock collection!

Erin said...

E saw this picture of A's creation, and he immediately said, "I have the perfect rock!!" And he ran into his room to get the "perfect rock." We'll be doing this later today!

Anonymous said...

too cool

Anonymous said...

Just wated to say hello bu this way. Your blog is very nice!!! My son is soon 3years old, but maybe later this summer I will try to paint such stones. They look so nice, I think they will be very decorative in the garden, also a good idea as a present to grandparents birthday or x-mas... Thank you for sharing your ideas!!

Barb Shelby said...

I'm in the process of putting up a website for childcare professionals and teachers. The category I am now working on is 'Crafts that make Great Gifts'. 'Crayon Covered Rocks' are included.

I came across your wonderful photographs of the rocks.
Could I please have permission to use one? Of course I will include your link and site name!

I'll send you the link page when it is up! Please advise...

Thank you so much!
Barb Shelby
E-Mail: barb@kidactivities.net
website: http://www.KidActivities.net

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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