Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello Again and Five Senses

I'm back! I'm back! Well mostly back. Life has felt crazy the past two months. Whew, it's nice to unpack the suitcases again...even if it is only for four weeks. It's long enough to get some projects going. In fact right after we finished putting things away A. said, "now we have to do an art project because it has been so long since we have done one." I guess he's been missing it too!

As an explanation, we've returned to the states for a little while. Saying bye to Fiji was a bit of a heart-break--so many wonderful learning opportunities, beautiful sights, and lovely people we will miss. I console myself only with the discovery of the US East Coast, it's an exciting new adventure awaiting us now.

By the way, thanks to everyone who has been making such wonderful comments here on my little blog. Right now I just can't respond to all of them, but in the future I will. And please know that I read every comment and can't help smiling at the kind words shared with me. Thank you so very much for brightening my day!

Well, enough chit chat, let's get down to business. The LLL theme of the month (it's changed to monthly instead of weekly), is the Five Senses. I have some lousy photos from a nice activity we did one morning focusing on the sense of touch. We gathered several random items and made our own texture book. A. provided the word lists to describe the various items and of course was in charge of the gluing.

Here are the gathered texture supplies:

Here is a page from the finished product--I told you it wasn't anything spectacular:

And this is about how things looked for a week while we were slowly making our way across the country.
Tight fit. I decided to incorporate the 5 senses theme into one of our travel games. We decided to go on a pretend walk in different locations and use our senses to tell us what was there. Our first stop was the jungle; we heard a jaguar, saw a colorful toucan, felt the wet leaves, and more. We followed the jungle with a deep sea dive complete with tasty plankton, rough coral, and striped fish to name a few. It was great fun to transform the boring landscape around us into a whole new world using our imaginations. Everyone loved it. I'm thinking I'll hang on to this idea for when we need a quick waiting activity somewhere. No supplies needed besides an active imagination!

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Erin said...

What fun ideas! I'm glad you made it across the country (well, across the world really) safely. I'm looking forward to more posts with fun activities included!

Aparna said...

This is really funny.

Amanda @ said...

What fun! We've been working on this same concept and it seems to be popping up everywhere now. We needed some new ideas, so thanks!

Best, amanda @

Jessica Mapa said...

I just stumbled across your blog! Wow! I teach Kindergarten in Nevada and I love everything you are doing with your son! I even copied and pasted some of your ideas into my center pages for next year. Again, WOW! Your son is so blessed to have a wonderful mom like you!

Amy Amour Recontres said...

"I'm thinking I'll hang on to this idea for when we need a quick waiting activity somewhere" - I'm thinking the same. It is always difficult to make my daughter wait patiently at the doctor's; color books seem to have stopped interesting her.